Online Education for Out of School Youth

Being successful is one of the greatest achievements in life.  To become a successful person must show an interest to finish the education in order to learn more about the situation on how to be handled in case of facing some trials encountered. Education is the best way and ladder to success. Through education, our knowledge will expand and learn more things in this world. What will happen if we stop learning? How will be able to come back? Who are the organizations to help if this will happened? Who will be the one to continue the journey of our parents? These are the following questions if a person will stop or unfinished their education.

Nowadays, many people are involving in one of the common problem that hinders our goals. It is lack of financial assistance. This problem is common for the youth who wanted to finish their studies. So why, many youth are forcing to apply some works that has no a stable income for just to support in their family and survive for daily’s life. The worst case for some of out of school youth is involving in criminal activities for doing illegal way to survive.

There are lot of organization and way to help the out of school youth to come back to finish his/her studies. One of the ways to help the youth in pursuing their goals is through online education. This kind of education has a low tuition fee that everyone can afford. It offers also a free education to interested applicants or students that will pass the requirements to become a scholar.  The classes are done through online.

In order to enroll in this education, must follow some steps to register. First, open the website then answer the application letter appears on the said website to register. Second, choose the accredited online universities which offer a great class in online and helps to find scholarships to fund your online education.

One of the scholarship offers a fund to this kind of education is The Youth Organization Scholarship that requires some qualifications. The interested students must be a U.S citizen with having a document of proof of economic and social standing of the family. The grantee also must be in financial need of support for free education.  The grantee also must maintain at least 3.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) including extracurricular activities performance. This scholarship will be giving an award of outstanding student of the year and receive US$3,000 for the achievement.

Also, Company will give a scholarship to all interested out of school youth to come back in the school. This scholarship has 3 different types of scholar which are People’s Scholars, Great Scholars and The Youth’s Hope Scholars. There are 50 benefited students in each type of scholar will receive US$3,000 for Great Scholars, US$2,750 for The Youth’s Hope Scholar, and $2500 for People’s Scholar. To qualified, the interested out of school youth must present an annual family’s income to show that the family is in financial need of support. The out of school youth must enroll also at least three or four-year course in accredited online universities listed in the said website.

The online education is design for all interested applicants especially for out of school youth to continue to reach their goals in life. It is an opportunity to a person to finish his or her studies and receive a diploma or certificate from the school of accredited online universities. So, it is the time to pursue your goals in life and start enrolled online today.

Online Educations Give Opportunities in a Flexible Way

In times we were young, we learned that education is a very important achievement we can obtain in life that we can use in the future, as times passed the learning system and the ways to communicate to people drastically change, in modern times there are some online schools that offer distance learning programs.

Some people in their young stage do not continue their study, due to some reasons or circumstances that they did not continueor pursued their college and high school.

Common reasons are financial status, no question why students from the past until now struggle financially aside from financial status of a student, Universities and Colleges also are very expensive in terms of tuition and other fees, in fact the 4 years course in state fees is $9,000, while public four years colleges out of state fees is $24,000 and private colleges is $33,400 this is only for tuition this not is includes your room and board and other expenses. Before going to universities you must have so much money to invest your study.

Next reason is the hardship to go colleges, if you struggle in your high-school days it is triple times in college so no doubt that almost students failed to go colleges.

And lastly, your busy lives, as we grow old the responsibility we carry get bigger and bigger; in this case, others decided not to continue college.

No worries we are now in modern times, there some schools and Universities offered distance learning programs such as online school, alternative learning system, and vocational schools.

Online schools became drastically changes the way of achieving higher education, because of this the rate of people to have diploma became exponentially increase, that’s why some Universities tend to adapt this way of education.Online schools are open to all people who willing to have their diploma.Pen State World Campus, Boston University, and other universities are offering online educations.

Advantages of online schools, firstis time flexibility, the beauty of this online school is you can decide when or where you start to study or to discussed with your online professors, if you are a working student, online schools will adjust on your times schedule, so you can work and at the same time you can continue your study.Next advantages areonline schools are very convenience in terms of you will not travel anymore to go to school, stress free, time saving and money.

Online schools definitely give you an opportunity and easy access to higher education and offering professional experience. I will recommend to all people seeking with this kind of distance learning programs and to have their preferable courses that offer by the online schools.

The Modern Way of Getting a Job


In modern days it is so difficult to get a job because of competition, the rampant of competition among graduates and undergraduates had become favorable to those 4 years holders and sadly, on the other hand, undergraduates mostly fall into unemployed or underemployed, other than that there is also some factors why job seekers rejected.

First, the inappropriate skill of the job-seeker to what he applied, so this means his/he’s skill is not fit to the job given. Next is the other qualifications, other than skills and educational attainment others employer preferred to employed those applicants that are physically fit and height matters, this is also considered one of reason why job-seekers fall into unemployed, and also the most discriminate requirements they looking for the applicants is the age limit, sadly employers questioned the capability of those job-seekers that is old fogey.

And lastly, experiences of the job-seekers, this is a plus if you have previous experience of a certain job offered.

As I said we are in the modern era and technology development. Because of this many alternative jobs rise, as matter of fact blooming of freelancersor independent workers in US is 34 percent of U.S workforce and it will expected to exceed by 50%, one of the most popular is online college classes, if you are fluent inEnglish you can be freelancers teaching online classes from online schools.

Online classes offer an alternative way of teaching online, common works of an online teacher is to teach the English language to their client, the common scenario is one on one discussion or it also be a group discussion, video chatting to client is there way of communication. Furthermore, freelancers also offer tutorial program of their client in the field of Math, Science and other subjects.

The advantages of online schools compared to work as a regular teacher in a university is that you can manage your time independently at the same you can save so much time, instead going to school every day you can done your work in your home, aside from saving so much time it would stress-free compare to be regular teachers, as matter of fact some teachers make some part time job as freelancers.

The demand of online teachers grow exponentially over time this is because most employer or client preferred to choose online teachers as their first choice this is because it is very convenience to hire online teachers and also save time and resources other than that, you can choose other nationalities to work with this is also one of advantages of online school that they offer other nationalities to work with them.

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