An Online Education and Scholarship for Moms

As we go along in our world today, we witness the progress of our life through the help of modern technology. We are comfortable enough to research about what we want to learn because of technology invented. We can communicate each other even we are far in our family. We become a good engineer, teacher, doctor and any profession what we want to be. But, the hardest profession of all is to become a mother. A mother can become a doctor to treat when we got sick,  a teacher to teach us what the right way to do or an engineer to help to build our dreams and goals in life.  So, we are very thankful that they are always there for us to guide for our way what ever happened.

For today, one of the major problem in our society is financial problem to finish in the study that sometimes result in early pregnancy for women. To all women especially for mother who want to continue their study or to learn more things inside the home, there is an education called online education that will help to continue and finish the courses they want to be. So, we are thankful enough for today’s generation that we have an internet access to easily communicate even we are inside or outside our home. Due to this access, the said kind of education, a lot of sites that give an opportunity to individual to have a chance to finish their school.  One of the site is that offers many online universities to all applicants who want to enroll and finish their studies through online. Another site is that also offers an education via internet to all women especially for mother in continuing their study even inside the home. So, this is the best option for all mothers to reach up their unfinished dreams or know and learn more about how to become a happy family from the best teacher in online universities.

One of the university offers online education for mother is Mother of Perpetual Help University. It is a religious school that help for a mother to have more patience in the family for maintain the peace of the family and have more tips to live in happy and prayerful family. The said university has also a scholarship that will give an opportunity to all mothers to continue their unfinished course during the time they stopped. In order to be qualifying, an applicant must submit the following requirements:

a.)  married certificate (for married only) or a document that will prove that she has a child or she is the guardian of a child whose parents were already abandoned.

b.) an application form with 2×2 I.D with the reason of why do you want to grant this scholarship for you.

c.) a document that prove for lack of financial support in education

d.) give extra time for the ongoing classes in online

The qualified applicants will receive a monthly allowance of US$3,000 for the help in supporting their family while in studying. The said requirements must submit through online with steps to be follow in the said online education websites.

Another online university that will help to fund free education is University of George. This university has a scholarship called Mother Education Scholarship that intended only for all mothers who are willing to apply this program to finish their study or having more knowledge about the advance technology this day. The said scholarship will give an allowance if US$3,000 for the daily support of the family while studying. To be qualified, an applicant must submit a married certificate (for married only) if not a document for proving she is a guardian of a child , application form with 2×2 ID,  a document that will prove for lack of financial assistance to support her study. The following requirements must scan and pass the copy through online on the websites you click for and follow their steps on how to be passed successfully.

The university will be giving a certificate of completion to all applicants or mother who enrolled and finished the courses they want through this online education.

A Financial Support for Disable Person

The availability of scholarships for minorities become a great help to those different groups, as time passed the available scholarship largely growth over time, disable individuals are one of the potential getting scholarships from institution, given that they are the one that needs help because of their physical status, disability scholarship does not focus only to grantee that are disable, the parents also can be potential disable physically and mentally in result he/she cannot provide his children a full support to their education.

That’s why thousands of scholarship for disable had been created in past decades, this will help to up rise the percentage of physical disable person to be more productive in the society and giving them chance to excel in their fields.

Scholarships grantees for disable will receive an initial $1000 excluding the medical cost, living cost and other expenses, according to AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability, the grantee must have a proof of documentation of his disability, must be a US citizen or a resident living in US, and Must be enrolled full-time as undergraduate student or part-time/full-time as graduate student at accredited U.S. institution.

Online schools provide scholarship for disable individuals, there are many reasons why scholarship from online schools are the most fitted to those disable ones in providing flexible and quality education, given the fact that they cannot do regular works and full capacity to do their jobs with this circumstances. Online schools offer courses that are flexible and easy to handle.

Common online courses that they offer are office works, clerical and other computer related skills, giving them productive to that area and to enhance their skills in computer area, clerical courses can be fitted to their capacity also that clerical jobs does not need so much physical effort.

Advantages of online courses offer to disable person, one important advantage is that they can monitor by their guardian in a one location and travelling to one place is not a burden, giving them alternative way of learning, boost their moral, and lift up confidence. Giving them opportunities to grow and develop as a person, in fact after completion of courses online the school will absorb their student to work for them as part of the learning.

Having scholarships in your education is a great help financially, student that are incapable to support themselves scholarship tends to be a ticket to them to have possible quality education. Believing them that they are hopes despite of their status and someday they can help also future in needs of help to them.


Free Scholarship and Assistance to Those Soldier’s Family


The one who defend us from enemies is our braved soldiers that always ready to serve the country at any times, but how about their child, there family who will care for them in case of unexpected tragedy, if you are a child soldier you must know that you have privileges from the states to claim if you are eligible child of a soldier that father had been kill in action, prisoner of war, missing in action and disable from war.PHEAA offers a special state grant to the children of any soldier in the U.S. Armed Forces who has been declared as a prisoner of war (POW) or missing in action (MIA). Aside from these the soldier served an active duty after January 31, 1955, and of course must be resident of Pennsylvania for at least the 12 months before serving on active duty, and must not discharge of any circumstances.

The children of soldier can also be student grantsonline college courses that he/she preferred course, In addition the maximum amount given to the recipient of $1,200, but availability is dependent on state funding. Scholarships can help the children of the soldier to continue their study even their parent is not around. The Survivor’s and Dependent’s Educational Assistance (DEA) program will help the spouses and children in obtaining higher education. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs also has a plenty of financial programming to help the survivors and dependents of the military, including the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), the Survivor’s Pension, and The Civilian Health and Medical Program. Other than scholarship the department also gives welfare and financial assistance to those families of soldiers.

The scholarships that offer by the department is extended to have option the beneficiary to study online schools, with this steps that taken by the department this can help beneficiary to get interested to have diploma in the future. Student grants with some benefits like fare free and other privilege.

The department also believes that they must give total extent to help the family of the soldiers so that it will give more moral to soldiers and also to assure their children to finish their study and to have decent job in the future.

There are also some online universities that offer full scholarship to those children of soldier, with some condition to meet

Aside from child of soldiers granted scholarship, soldiers also granted scholarships that are been disable because of war, some online schools offer to those candidate soldier to have diploma to be productive and also to help soldiers to be engage in real world even what they have been experience in the past.



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