Free Scholarship and Assistance to Those Soldier’s Family


The one who defend us from enemies is our braved soldiers that always ready to serve the country at any times, but how about their child, there family who will care for them in case of unexpected tragedy, if you are a child soldier you must know that you have privileges from the states to claim if you are eligible child of a soldier that father had been kill in action, prisoner of war, missing in action and disable from war.PHEAA offers a special state grant to the children of any soldier in the U.S. Armed Forces who has been declared as a prisoner of war (POW) or missing in action (MIA). Aside from these the soldier served an active duty after January 31, 1955, and of course must be resident of Pennsylvania for at least the 12 months before serving on active duty, and must not discharge of any circumstances.

The children of soldier can also be student grantsonline college courses that he/she preferred course, In addition the maximum amount given to the recipient of $1,200, but availability is dependent on state funding. Scholarships can help the children of the soldier to continue their study even their parent is not around. The Survivor’s and Dependent’s Educational Assistance (DEA) program will help the spouses and children in obtaining higher education. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs also has a plenty of financial programming to help the survivors and dependents of the military, including the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), the Survivor’s Pension, and The Civilian Health and Medical Program. Other than scholarship the department also gives welfare and financial assistance to those families of soldiers.

The scholarships that offer by the department is extended to have option the beneficiary to study online schools, with this steps that taken by the department this can help beneficiary to get interested to have diploma in the future. Student grants with some benefits like fare free and other privilege.

The department also believes that they must give total extent to help the family of the soldiers so that it will give more moral to soldiers and also to assure their children to finish their study and to have decent job in the future.

There are also some online universities that offer full scholarship to those children of soldier, with some condition to meet

Aside from child of soldiers granted scholarship, soldiers also granted scholarships that are been disable because of war, some online schools offer to those candidate soldier to have diploma to be productive and also to help soldiers to be engage in real world even what they have been experience in the past.



The Modern Way of Getting a Job


In modern days it is so difficult to get a job because of competition, the rampant of competition among graduates and undergraduates had become favorable to those 4 years holders and sadly, on the other hand, undergraduates mostly fall into unemployed or underemployed, other than that there is also some factors why job seekers rejected.

First, the inappropriate skill of the job-seeker to what he applied, so this means his/he’s skill is not fit to the job given. Next is the other qualifications, other than skills and educational attainment others employer preferred to employed those applicants that are physically fit and height matters, this is also considered one of reason why job-seekers fall into unemployed, and also the most discriminate requirements they looking for the applicants is the age limit, sadly employers questioned the capability of those job-seekers that is old fogey.

And lastly, experiences of the job-seekers, this is a plus if you have previous experience of a certain job offered.

As I said we are in the modern era and technology development. Because of this many alternative jobs rise, as matter of fact blooming of freelancersor independent workers in US is 34 percent of U.S workforce and it will expected to exceed by 50%, one of the most popular is online college classes, if you are fluent inEnglish you can be freelancers teaching online classes from online schools.

Online classes offer an alternative way of teaching online, common works of an online teacher is to teach the English language to their client, the common scenario is one on one discussion or it also be a group discussion, video chatting to client is there way of communication. Furthermore, freelancers also offer tutorial program of their client in the field of Math, Science and other subjects.

The advantages of online schools compared to work as a regular teacher in a university is that you can manage your time independently at the same you can save so much time, instead going to school every day you can done your work in your home, aside from saving so much time it would stress-free compare to be regular teachers, as matter of fact some teachers make some part time job as freelancers.

The demand of online teachers grow exponentially over time this is because most employer or client preferred to choose online teachers as their first choice this is because it is very convenience to hire online teachers and also save time and resources other than that, you can choose other nationalities to work with this is also one of advantages of online school that they offer other nationalities to work with them.

Online Schools Offer Free College in Terms of Community Service


Are you a hardworking student but cannot pursue your college because of many factors and financial problems?

Many students after graduate in high school cannot continue to college because of many factors, one common factors is financial support, all of us know that college is very expensive not just the payment for the tuition but also the daily expenses of a college student this are some expenses that college student recognize before to enroll in college, rent a room finding a rental room of college student, this is the most important to deal before going to college, finding a place where you can stay and study, other school expenses this are photocopying, professors books and manuals, resources like pen and papers and also projects expenditure.

Don’t worry all this expenses will not anymore a burden because online colleges offers online courses to take up by student’s, and also the online colleges offer scholarship to those individuals that has no capability to pay the tuition in return of community service to the area chosen, the community service is done by weekend and your online classes will be in weekdays. So this means that you can have managed time to take bachelor’s degree.

Delivering the high quality online classes to the candidate individuals to help him be more productive and responsible to his future career, online schools for community service offer a $500 to $5000 stipend depending on hourly basis to his community service monitored by their staff, to ensure that the grantee is doing his responsibility as a scholar.

Other than scholarship the university also gives option to grantee to choose any course he/she wants to pursue, as matter of fact the university offer a more than 100 courses along with the associates degrees, As of now the total and updated scholars they have is around 300 active student’s taking bachelor’s degree.

Community service scholarship does not focus only to academic field but also the awareness of individual’s capacity to deal the task responsibility to community, and also to develop social awareness, among other groups.

After the students graduates the online school will give a certification to students, that stated that the student possess a responsible attitude towards to community, that will add to his portfolio and can be so much help to his future career taken, the certification involves moral values.

And also after the students graduate to the online course he/she will have accreditation to his profession and a diploma, this will serves as proof that he/she are finish accomplish the course he/she taken.

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