Top Germany Tuition-free Universities for Deserving International Students


Are you interested in attending online classes? It’s not unusual to be interested especially since studying online can bring about incredible convenience for students. But the truth is that some of the best online programs are costly. In fact, they are even most expensive that other courses offered in traditional set-up of schools. And the only solution for this is to apply for scholarships or university grants.

Completing your online college course can be made possible even if you lack funds with the help of scholarships. And in Germany, there are a lot of tuition-free universities and scholarship grants that help international students with their education. In fact, the country has become popular for foreign and international students in search of awesome grants.

In the year 2014, all universities in Germany are mandated not to charge undergraduate students with any tuition fee. Some schools in the country though will require administration fees or semester contribution but it usually does not go over 50 euros. This is the best thing about Germany and its entire education program.

There are also online classes offers for students taking up Master’s or PhD studies. In Germany though, these programs are fee-based. This means that students will be required to pay specific cost on top of the enrollment and confirmation fees. But the good news though is that there are also scholarships that target students under Master’s or PhD programs.

The DAAD Scholarship programs is one of the most popular scholarships grants for international students under online college degree. The aim of DAAD is to promote international academic relations and improve the exchange of researchers, academics, and students. It has a list of scholarships that all types of students can benefit from. You can use the scholarship if you qualify for their specific programs.

Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus Scholarships are programs that can help students learning under Master and PhD courses. These scholarships are also applicable for qualified international students who want to study in German Universities, whether it is in the traditional set-up or through online education. There are specific courses that these scholarships cover and all you need to do is look for the course you want to complete from the list.

DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship program can also help you with your online classes. This program offers students both financial and non-monetary support. It is awarded to deserving students, after evaluating their academic performance, and not due to parent’s income or the student’s nationality. This program provides students with 300 Euros monthly for a minimum of two semesters.

Another option you can consider to complete your online college course is the Germany Foundations’ Scholarship Programs. It is offered to international students of all qualifications, interests, and background. These are just few of the scholarships you can assess. There are a lot more you can choose from.

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